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Poem: The Monster Within

Poem: The Monster Within

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Stare into the mirrorTell me what you seeDo you see a reflection?Or the monster inside of me? It fights for its freedomIt tries to tear me apartIt.... The Monster Within Me: A Poem. October 7, 2019; Poems / Uncategorized; By: Tala Fayad. Rocks tied to my feet,. Water up to my hair,. I'm drowning in deep.... A Poem for Halloween. The Monster Within is published by Dan Foster in The Creative Cafe.. The Monster Within by Darlene Walsh. .Seeping sneaking unknown doomWaiting in silence to go boomA monster looking to sneak inside.. Your monster inside has an arrival unknownThough its evil ways are easily shownYou are no longer human and can't have a heartbeatBecause you have.... The Monster Within. Fri, 05/17/2013 - 11:29 -- danny_mac4. It creeps up on me. Slowly and surely. I feel it grasping thee. Around my heart the feelings curly. The Monster Within. And he whispers to me. Insanity. I am alone.. I give my little monster some bacon but that does not satisfy him. I tell him, ssh ssh, don't growl little monster! And he growls, oh boy does he growl!. I never want you to see the monster that lives in me it'd surely tear you apart before you reached my heart tha.

The Monster Within | Short Poem By Katrina Drover High On Poems. 'The Monster Within' by Katrina Droveron injustice against women. Submit your poems.... The Monster Within. She feeds on Fear. Feeds on past insults and old rotten words. Feeds on what ifs? and what can I get away with? Oh, she's a clever one.. The creature inside me is a monster, It wants to kill, it wants to eat them, I can't control myself, it won't disappear, Darkness falls in, the monster.... Read Poem 14- The Monster Inside from the story Short Poems by eidkZebra with 24 reads. lost, love, desire. Consuming, draining Every piece I seem to have.. Monster Within. Poem by Robert Miller . Monster Within: Look into myself The monster stares back at me Claws out from within.. The Monster Within. Brittany Houser. by Brittany Houser 2 years ago in sad poetry ... If you beat this monster you wear your scars for eternity. Gone but not.... Abuse Poetry, entitled "The Monster Inside" by Just Dave. In the wind, so skinny he'd sway He'd look straight down with nothing to say His eyes.... The Monster Within by Chidori Storm. .I have an anger inside of meThat I have kept insideHoping and begging that it wont get loose. Page.. Depression Poem by Teens. The Monster Called Depression ... They scream inside of our heads. Still I live with hope that one day I will win. I will defeat the.... Fighting the monster within with a hidden meaningI'm trying to suppress that feeling So much that I like it to disappear Damn! It's raging and.... Below the surface, deep within. A monster hides.... Waiting.... To pounce. Growling, Yearning to be free. The objective. REVENGE! Clawing at the cage. Growling...


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